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Questions & Answers

1.  Can the station use its own greeting, messages and advertisement recordings?

Yes, absolutely! The system has been designed to allow stations the ability of recording their own greetings, messages and complete advertisements. Recording is done on the station's recording equipment complete with music backgrounds, voice overs and mixing. Then the recording is easily uploaded to the Contest Control system via the web.

2.  Can we have multiple greetings and messages?

Yes, certainly! Contest Control has been designed to provide the most flexibility possible. You may select a different greeting and message for each contest. This will allow the greeting and message to be specific to a particular contest or recorded in the voice of the current personality.

3.  Our station is automated. Can we still use your system?

Automated stations will love our built-in VOICE MAIL feature! Voice mail is included at no additional charge and is selectable individually for each contest. You may record different voice mail greetings, depending on prize offering.

The voice mail recording is a link on the contest statistics page. Just click - and your media player plays the message!

4.  Can we track the progress of a contest?

Possibly one of the most attractive features of Contest Control, is the ability to actually MONITOR a running contest. Our system captures contest statistics as the contest is running and displays the information for you to view on the web. This provides instant feed-back of what areas are currently calling and the interest level in your contest. This instant information allows live shows the ability to increase call in response while a contest is still in progress!

The contest data that is captured is available for review, even weeks after running a contest. Armed with this information, your station will have statistics to analyze good and bad timing and experiment with different promotion types.

Now you will KNOW how your contests are really doing!

5.  Can contests be pre-scheduled?

Busy programming directors will enjoy the advance scheduling flexibility offered by using our automated system. An unlimited number of contests may be scheduled to run at specific times. Each contest may be a different type, have different messages, have different advertising targets and allow for live transfer or voice mail handling. Reports are available on the web to check scheduling and monitor contest progress.
Contests may also be pre-loaded and manually started via the web.

6.  How can we be sure contestants listen to advertising?

Our systems have been designed to ensure callers hear your advertisers message BEFORE they hear what number listener they are. This thwarts auto-dialers and ensures better chances for all who call your contest. This helps stations promote fair contests, especially for your big ticket prizes. We even offer advanced call control features, which can ensure only one entry per contest, etc.

7.  What format sound files are supported?

Custom recording files are loaded via the web. Most studios are able to create WAVE format files, which can be translated with our systems into the correct telephony format.

8.  What happens if a contestant hangs up?

Contestants that hang-up before hearing their contestant sequence number do not count and the system does not increment the sequence number. This prevents auto-dialers from rapid dialing and ensures your advertisers message hits the mark.

For callers that match the selected winning number, our state-of-the-art equipment captures the caller's phone number and displays it on the contest statistics web page. This allows for a call-back, in the event of transfer disconnection or other difficulties.

9.  What equipment do we need to use Contest Control?

Two things are required to use the system:
A) Internet access - for pre-scheduling, statistics and reports
B) Dedicated contest telephone - only if using to transfer contestants

10. Can we block nuisance callers?

Yes, positively! Repetitive winners and nuisance callers can be screened from participating in your contests. A special entry screen is available on the web, that allows you to maintain a list of blocked phone numbers. Callers that are blocked simply receive a busy signal and will be completely unaware they have been blocked. This feature is included at no extra charge.

11. How many contest telephone numbers can we use?

As many as you wish (addt'l fee may apply). Typically a station will use one contest telephone number, but multiple numbers are allowed. Different numbers may be assigned for different contest types, such as surveys, etc.

12. What do we do if we have special contest requirements?

Simply call us! We are always ready to find a way to make new and exciting contest ideas work. And, our development department is inventing new contests all the time!

13. We already have a contest number - can it be used with Contest Control?

Yes! Your stations toll-free number may be moved to our equipment for operation with Contest Control. We handle all the details and provide you with a written agreement covering telephone number ownership details. OR, just use call-forwarding to use your existing station numbers!
*Please note, there will be a cost to relocate your number. It may take 1 to 4 weeks to complete.

14. Can we load recorded greetings and advertisement messages via telephone?

No, not automatically. The system only allows recordings to be loaded via the web interface. We have instituted this policy to protect the excellent quality of your recordings.

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