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Contest Sample

This document provides a brief description and an example of a simple telephone session script. Advertisement is optional.

Selected Caller, Single Transfer With Advertising

Sample Script
Greeting Thanks for calling the WXYZ contest line.
Advertise Remember to start your day off right with a Hot and Fresh bagel from your neighborhood Bagel Bakery!
Counter You are caller number... 65.
Not yet I'm sorry, you are not the correct caller number.
Thank you for calling.

Match Congratulations, you are the correct caller.
Please hold while your call is being transferred.
One moment please...

>call transferred to live DJ<
Too late I'm sorry, the correct caller number has already been choosen.
Thank you for calling.


Color Ledgend

Black - indicates fixed prompts.
Fixed components of a telephone session script are built-in to Contest Control.
These 'canned' phrases can not be changed by a user of the system.

Blue - indicates custom recordings you supply.
Your station may pre-store an unlimited number of voice recordings.
Individual contests are 'built' using your inventory of recordings,
allowing contests to use on-air personality, etc.

Green - indicates rotating advertisements you supply.
Your advertising department can pre-store an unlimited number of
commercial quality ads. Each contestant will hear a 'targeted' ad clip.

Red - indicates an event.
These are normal telephone call events, such as ring, hangup, etc.


The Selected Caller is a traditional and widely used contest where a "winning call number" is broadcast
prior to the start of the contest. For example, call number 45 may be pre-selected as the winning call. Contest
Control would automatially answer calls 1-44, call 45 would be either transferred to the studio or voice mail
based on the type selected. All calls received after the winning call would again be automatically answered
by Contest Control up to the pre-designated call limit.

Listen to a Similar Demo - Call 800-698-0020

List of Several Standard Contests that are Currently Supported

  • Selected Caller, Single Transfer - Winner Transfered or Leaves Voice Mail
  • Survey - Ask Question, Answer with Number Keys - Get Results Back!
  • Information Line - Provide Information about your Station
  • Fund Raiser - Silent Auction
  • Fund Raiser - General
  • Fund Raiser - Donations
  • Request Line - Song requests
  • Now we handle Multiple winners!


Just let us know what you have in mind!
We're constantly building new contests and would love to hear your ideas.
Call us at 703-449-9203 Hours 8-5 ET
or email us at Sales@ContestControl.com